Frequently asked Questions

How long will it take to do this course?

Most weeks it will take you about an hour or so after you read the information I give you. There will also be exercises some weeks but they often won’t involve a lot of work.

The course goes for a duration of 12 months.

What if I want to drop out of your course?

No worries. Drop me an email and I’ll unsubscribe you. 

How is this different to your 12 month Make Money From Art Course?

The Make Money from Art course is a high level program with limited intake for students who want a career and a business. The course requires 6-8 hours a week and costs $12,500 and has other components including two painting workshop intensives, a website built for the student, and a launch plus monthly mentoring and monthly manuals.

This course is only $69 a month for a 12 month duration, giving more people the chance to benefit from the blooms painting method. You can take the course from home at your own pace, you can paint for pleasure or for others. The course is emailed as weekly eclasses and requires no teacher student workshop contact or person to person mentoring.

Is it just flowers we will be painting in the course?

No, we also have fun painting landscape, portraiture, pets and travel inspiration.

I give you a taste of many things. Flowers are a great way to learn how to paint and we build from there.  I also throw in a few fun alternative creative projects and bonuses to keep you delighted to the max.

Will my art make a mess at home?

Not at all, because we use acrylic paints which are non-stinky and wash with water.

We work with a practical size canvas.

You only need a table top for painting. The course has been designed to be practical.  Not everyone has a spare room to have as a studio.

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